Check list of love…

So falling in love is quiet common and a basic human nature but then love isn’t a cup of tea for everyone and most often than not it turns out to be a journey through pain hatred loss of harmony and  a regrettable memory (for some its the opposite that happens “mostly in movies”) so in this world of broken dreams and broken hearts it won’t be a challenge or tuf ask to have a check list of love…
So there are a few ” aye ” and a few “nay” let’s see which are those :


1. The would be partner is understanding and not too bothersome.

2. The partner belongs to your same race/caste.

3. The partner is capable enough to take his own life decisions and is independent.

4. Isn’t a confused soul and afraid of taking risks in life(calculated risks though).

5. Check the maturity level of your partner does it match yours or it doesn’t.

Now on to the “Nay’s”


1. You lack communication between each other.

2. Thinks too much about the society and social norms.

3. Discy in decision making and a through lack of rational thinking. 

4. Too much possessive or reserved personality.

5. Irresponsible thinking and lack of future possibilities.

So if you find your ayes less than your nays then you should reconsider things and vice versa is a win win situation πŸ™‚

You might have your own points too can add them to your own list




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  1. Check list for love

    1. You both should be in mad, passionate love. And you both are unable to think about your existence without another.

    2. Fuck off everyone who says otherwise.

    3. Always remember, killing is crime, making love is not.

    4. Go Fall in love already.

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    1. Sounds legit 😁

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