The recent social onslaught on Bobby jindal the American governor just baffles me. I mean why is everyone targeting him from what little I read is his statement about being american didn’t go down well with the so called “desi” public in American …well people wake up he is an american why should he even be bothered about other things…if being Indian and boasting your Indian root matters so much why did the people leave India in first place…ok if you went to be a part of the american dream in the land of opportunity why didn’t you come back after your dream was realized? Why did you stayed back? Ok your parents stayed back well after you became adults why didn’t you come back? Your passport says you are an American you sing the US national anthem and still you dont want to be called Americans. If he says that what’s wrong in it and why ridicule him so much…(and please dont give me bs about being true to your roots being proud of where you from or Indian at heart et al)
What kind of two faced attitude is that I fail to understand only one phrase comes to mind “gharke na ghat ke dushman anaj ke”.



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