Take her out and make her smile
Shower all the praises and walk for a mile
Hold her hand and look through her eyes
Dont be stupid try to avoid the cries

Dont make her wait and look at the clock
She’s the pretty you dating the special of the flock
Give her some roses and some wine if you can
Go out on movies and make some pretty plan

Talk her into you and make her say things
Wait and enjoy all the happiness she brings
Don’t be a jerk and try to be a man
Woo her with your wit and chocolates in a can

Try to feel the moments and live them all
Dont loose your heart if you ever take a fall
She’s a pretty flower just handle her with care
Look in her eyes and hold that beautiful stare

Drop her at her place and make her feel safe
She will add the cherry and icing to your cake
Wave her good bye and watch as she goes
You have won her heart among all the other foes




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    1. Thanks
      I’ll surely visit your site.
      Cheers πŸ™‚


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