When you love what you do…


Ah finally some free time ..yes actually …especially after a long days work 🙂 glad I have work (at times ;)) which keeps me busy and after its finished you do realize the importance of some quality free time.

So what makes me write this post,well its the feeling of accomplishment the one of satisfaction the one which you get after doing the work you love to do, that’s what made me write this stuff today.

You must have heard the phrase “work on what you love and work won’t be work anymore”, previously I used to think this is just a expression which doesn’t hold true but later on I did realize that it is true and you actually do feel at peace with yourself.

My work,well professionally am a doctor yeah the one with white coat and hanging stethoscope around the neck but passionally I am a writer (of sorts) so yesterday was one such days when we spent the whole of night and whole of today scripting and writing story plots…(yeah we ie me and my partner in crime my bro my best friend, we sorta have the same connection the basic difference he ain’t a doc :p ) and I must tell you writing stories for movies is no joke specially when you are hell bent on originality (yeah after looking around when you just see ripoffs of other movies you kinda get upset) so whole night brainstorming thinking about continuation characters story line etc etc we managed to complete one story and while we were discussing the second one I didn’t even realize when I fell asleep the last I had checked the clock was at 5 am in the morning the next time I woke up it was 1pm :p (well you do need to recharge your brain ) and after getting up getting fresh we again sat for our session this time managing to complete 2 more of our stories 😁 in the end a job well done
(Hope the producers like our concepts and things move ahead)

Pray for us fellas




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  1. U r a medico!!!!! 😒 white coat wearing, stethoscope flaunting, wards haunting doctor. 😒


    1. Ummmm yeah though I don’t seem like one but yeah I am 😂 why u so disappointed 😈


      1. Lol daktarni saheba what m I supposed to make out of the beautiful expressions that you are flaunting 😇


      2. U have been mocking me, and u were the same. 😒 now I remember that frontal lobe and limbic system. And delusion and illusion too. No ways a non medico can use these words separately. And when I told u that I was impressed, u ignored that. Now I know why. And I m now taking my words back. U r supposed to know that in 2nd professional. 😒


      3. Hahaha me and mocking you no way mam I love my life have no desire to die anytime soon 😁 but yeah ur tube took a biiiiiiit of time to glow :p u should have caught me initially only :p and about you being impressed now I guess u must be having the exact opposite emotion or may be not u r a smart woman after all a doc on top of that 😁


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