Astonished… Amazed…& curious…

After being there on WordPress for quiet a few days now I have found a few things interesting some of which baffle me and at times am speechless or short at words what to say.

Of the many things one is the astounding number of teenagers in here I mean when I was in my teens blogging wasn’t such a trend as to say but I was too busy hanging out with friends and enjoying too much that never gave the literary side any attention. And most of these teens are teenage girls any they write pretty mature stuff I must say that some are goofy some witty and some are outright sad no offence there. But what I find intriguing is their spirit to write and that too at this young age some kids here even have publications to their names now that’s some achievement at a tender age.

Most of the poetries I find are concerned either with lost love hurt souls disappointed lives and pretty much sadness around , some even use archaic English phrases and words and try to complicate stuff no offence but not everyone keeps a oxford at hand, but then when I think of it I guess keeping is simple is the hardest part. Coming back to the content of poetry is the world so sad is there so much gloom in it , I dont doubt the sentiment when the poems end with a glimmer of hope but then when you read them you are taken down a dark road to reach to a glimmer … Is the bright side that bright that it blinds the eye and what one sees is only darkness ….confusing at times but what to say guess that’s the trend in here.

People here share some of the best experiences of their lives …reading through other tags like humour writing etc one can find all new worlds staring at them inviting them to have a peek through the doors. Some are travel experiences some are personal accounts some just plain words of wisdom , nice to have a look and learn a bit or have a good laugh πŸ™‚

Going through the blog its admiring that it reaches to people all across the globe , I mean the feeling when you see that someone from the far corner of the world read your thoughts , that’s quiet fascinating … Having readers from the American continent to Europe to Asia to the south Pacific its just amazing…

Hope you guys must have experienced the same.
Till the next time,

Cheers . 😁



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  1. themetamorphosisjoke says:

    Hi! New blog here! Finally found tlhe courage to start blogging!
    just posted twice and Im already having a great time here following different kinds of blogs! πŸ™‚
    Enjoyed reading your blog too!


    1. Great and welcome to this fantasy land πŸ™‚ keep blogging keep enjoying …
      Stay blessed


  2. I have only recently begun this uncertain journey and how I wish I had started early

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    1. Well its never too late to begin…but keeping it up is the real task !

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      1. Thank you for your kind words of encouragement

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      2. The pleasure is all mine ….keep up your writing πŸ™‚
        Stay blessed.

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      3. I wish you the same ^_^

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