Bollywood revisited…

Ok so if you are a Hindi movie fan you will definitely relate to this post. Hindi movies are awesome (well not all but quiet a few are) and what makes a movie memorable apart from the plot acting and direction are the dialogues . dialogues are the heart of any movie , they stay in your mind long after the movie is gone and make u revisit them enjoy the moment and share the emotion each time you say one or remember one.

So here is a collection of a few dialogues which are my favorite ones :

Well deewaar


was one of those movies which had dialogues written for time to resonate

“Mai aaj bhi feke hue paise nahi uthata”

“Tum mujhe waha dhoond rahe ho aur mai tumhara yaha intezar kar raha hu”

“Bhai……tum sign karte  ho ya nahi….bhai….(and this repeated for a few more times)”

” mere pass maa  hai” (probably the most killer dialogue of them all)



“Don ka peecha  to gyara mulko ki police kar rahi hai par tum ye bhool gai k don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai”



“Jab tak baitheko kaha na jai sharafatse khade raho ye police station hai tumhare baap ka ghar nahi”



“Babumoshai ye duniya ek rangmanch hai aur hum….(its a great dialogue 😉 )

Jo jeeta wahi sikandar:


” come on sanju change the gears”

“Are o model k pajamachap”

“Aur ab race pohachti hui baramulla ki khatarnak ghatio mai”



(Well I can write the whole movie scene by scene in here but I’ll mention just a few 😁)

“Aadhe idhar jao aadhe udhar jao baki mere peeche aao”

“Him angrezo ke jamane ke jailer hai ahaaa”

“Aaaaieeese kaise  paise….humara naam surma bhopali aise thodi hi hai”

“Basanti in kutto k samne mat nachna”

“Itna sannata kyu hai bhai”

“Suwar k bachoooo…tumhe kya laga  sardar khush hoga sabasi dega  aaaaatuuuu”

“Ye hath humko dede Thakur ”

Andaz apna apna :


Another movie with epic dialogues

“Mai teja hu mark idhar hai….nahi mai teja hu mark idhar hai..”

“Crime master gogo aakhe nikalke gotiya khelta hu gotiya”

“Boss humare agle  pilaaan k mutabik”

“Teja sahab ye Vasco da gama ki gun hai…kiska mama”

Etc etc etc

Hera pheri :


“Kaun ishwar vo baju ki dukan wala halkat baniya”

“Itni raat ko kaunsa khel khelega re aju baju wala bombabomb karega”

“Ye baburao ka style hai”

Well I can write pages about this but I’ll stop here
Share your loved dialogues would love to have a look 😉
Till then
Cheers 😁😁😁



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  1. Oh come on! This list can’t be completed without three more movies, raanjhnaa and tanu weds manu ( both)

    Quoting raanjhnaa ” Gali ke laundo ka pyar aksar doctor aur engineer le jate hain. Tu dil chhota na kar bhai. ”

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    1. I had many more movies in mind ddlj border jism darr salman khan movies but was just a bit lazy to note them down 😀


      1. Ha ha ha. DDLJ. My all time favourite movie. And just watched pretentious review of it by Kanan and Biswa. And now I think that it’s a movie with sad ending. 😒 anyways. Good collection. May be you can write part 2 and part 3.


      2. Hmmm yeah its a good movie 🙂 bt sad ending yeah like “ja simran ja jee le apni zindagi ” :p


      3. Nope. You have to watch that movie review on YouTube. Only then you will get enlightenment. And when you reach Kanan Gill’s channel, then make sure you watch all the movies reviews. You will thank me. Mark my words. You will thank me. ( if you haven’t watched them already) my personal favorite are “Mein prem ki diwani hun, tum mere ho, and prem aggan.” 😂😂


      4. Lol sorry not interested in such enlightenment if u want enlightenment u can visit the krk channel on YouTube and watch his reviews 😉


      5. Ohh. Your wish. No pressure.
        And I have watched krk’s reviews. Latest one was Bombay Velvet. He makes Shitty movies, and reviews other’s work. Hypocrite.


      6. But they are funny he’s an ass no doubt but still


      7. Saw the prem ki deewani hu one 🙂 quiet a nice review :p


  2. Hahahahahahahah these are awesome!A hilarious post,indeed.I love all these dialogues,too.What can I say?I watch a lot of bollywood movies,especially the oldies with my papa.:D

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    1. Hahaha yeah as the zee cinema tag line goes “movies masti magic” 😀

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      1. Hahhahahah exactly! 😛
        And the Sony max:-“Deewana bana de.”
        These dialogues are like that ^ 😛

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Hahaha yeah exjactly……(like javed jarrfey in salaam namastey) :p

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hahhahahha good one.:D
        I use this sometimes. 😛
        Good good.Mugambo khush hua.😈Bwahahaha

        Was the spelling of “Mugambo” correct?*sheepish smile*

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Lol I tend to use “mogambo” instead but it doesn’t matter :p khush hona is important 😁

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oopsie!My bad.This hindi to english transition of names is confusing sometimes. 😛
        And right.Khush hona is most important. *grins widely*

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      6. Exjactly…….(again) “haso gao muskurao kya pata kal ho na ko” 😀 srk also rocks (sometimes but still)

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      7. Hahhahha afterall,”Zindagi do pal ki” and “Zindagi na milegi dobara”.
        I know I know.These are not the dialogues exactly,but they come from bollywood, right?So,same difference. 😛
        “Ki farak painda hai”.
        *snorts*This is too much,dude.Even for me.:P


      8. Hahaha yeah koi farak Nai painda :p u have excelled yourself great going keep it up…just remember the “sattar (70) minutes ” speech of srk uill keep doing too much so much and even more much much :p yeah I guess that was too much lol 😂😂

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      9. Hahhahha another awesome movie you mentioned there.:D
        Ye lameness bhi humse Koi nahi cheen sakta. 😛
        And this was definitely toooo much. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Hahahahaha yeah Bollywood is a endless topic we can go on and on and on 🙂


      11. Ecjactly! 😛 lol

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