at the window…

energy-loss-windowsmany a times it’s this place where the creative mind starts to run its the place where imaginations start to fly a place where the dream begins and reality ends.

we all must be having this particular place where we let ourselves loose, for me its near my window. sitting by its side watching the scenes across just opens up my mind, sunrise of the early morning the evening sunset the darkness of the night the soothing moonlight the twinkling stars the blowing wind the dancing trees the roaming clouds the walking kids the chirping birds so many things so many new horizons seen through this tiny aperture.

the mind becomes like a horse without any ropes to hold him back, its starts to wander on its own tries to discover new things tries to uncover new mysteries think over life or just stay where it is, indulge in the silence get lost in the darkness discover peace walk through the chaos in search of peace, different paths open up for me to walk and all this happens as i sit idle near my window.

sometimes a cup of coffee in my hands sometimes some book which i am reading sometimes my phone while am playing some game or talking to someone or sometimes just me hands folded resting over the window and just staring towards the infinity letting the wind pass through me letting the aroma of the environment to refresh me seeking that smile one always long for.

its one place i can sit for hours at stretch or stand for hours, guess some places have that magic in them that sense of mystic happiness surrounds them guess my windows has it for me.

you guys must be having some special corner of your would love to know about if you would like to share

till then,

keep smiling


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  1. TEARA90 says:

    Nice…although I don’t really have a fixed spot but I do write better in solitude, wherever that is!! Also a hot cup of something and cool weather just makes it all sing!! Keep the posts coming!! Cheers 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 🙂 actually i have never written at the window its just the place i spend my time alone feels comfortable and you know other things 😛 but yeah solitude and writing go hand in hand quiet a few times 🙂 hope ur singing continues
      cheers 😀

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