Being lazy…


Yeah yeah I know it’s not good to be a lazy bum when you got a load of work over your head and time is running short on you…but then what can I do (I know I can do a lot but still ) it’s raining heavily outside it’s all cool and calm the sun is no where to be seen it’s cloudy dark and well awesome so how can I help but not be lazy

Getting out of the bed is the hardest thing to do in such a awesome climate I mean who would want to (would you 😉 ) so here I am still in bed and still thinking how to get over this laziness …

Anyone with any suggestion :p lol 


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  1. Lol who are we to disrupt your relaxing?

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    1. Lol the thing is after a while even relaxing gets boring 😀


      1. Hahahahahah not for me.Never me.But, obviously,it might be so for everybody else.My bad.:P


      2. Yeah once upon a time I used to think the same… But then I things change 😉

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      3. Hahhahahahaha I hope that time never comes in my life.I would hate to lose my love for…”lazy”.


      4. Yeah I hope the same for you 😉

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      5. Hahaha hey,thanks!:D


      6. You are most welcome 😀


  2. zovely says:

    Cold glass of water and a shower! Make a list and complete everything on that list asap 😉


    1. Hmmmm when I make the list it ends up getting to long then I dump it and again go to sleep :p and I did take that shower but the weather around had just the opposite effect *feeling even more lazy afterwards* 😀


      1. zovely says:

        Hope you managed to have a shower and get motivated. I never fulfill my lists but they give me some sort of aim for the day.
        Sleep does always take the cake. Mmm Cake haha


  3. The rain was made for lazy days. Read a book or play a game. May not seem productive, but relaxation is good for rejuvenation of the mind.

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    1. Lol the day has ended over here :p I’ll try this stuff tomorrow for sure coz the rain doesn’t seem to be in the mood to stop 🙂


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