The boy…… Things you need to know about him


“Wow he is so cute”….” My my look at him”……”I know he isn’t the best around but there is a certain cuteness about him”….”god I wish I had him” etc etc etc well ladies does that ring any bell 😉 yes of course it does what men what women we are all attracted to each other and those were just some of the exclamations we use to express our feelings (feminine ones of course).

But in these days of social networking & fast track relationships it hard for girls to find a decent partner (it isn’t easy for guys as well but still). The more women I see heartbroken crying the more my heart aches and listening to their story it all comes down to…”I think I went with the WRONG guy”….now how to over come this how to be sure about the right guy (not 100% coz men aren’t 100% sure about themselves how in the world can you be then).

So today’s post will concentrate on how to identify the right guy.

So first things first THE approach …so when we talk of men its generally thought by girls that they should make the first move and well in most cases they do ,but the manner in which the move is executed can tell you quiet a bit about them
1.the direct approach :well not many men go for it but yeah some do so…and there are two kind of men who can do so…one the regular players and two the not so players ….the players well general characteristics :smart witty fluent in their manner and know what they speak
Not so players: confused afraid dont make eye to eye contact fumble occasionally
So by this general norm u can differentiate between the two…the not so players are generally failures in their approach since women dismiss them and players well we all know how the game goes and end result is you crying in some corner or getting pregnant early on…. How to avoid , regarding the confident ones no crime in going out with them but then just be cautious try to find out the background and what is it that he really wants (you know what I meam right)
About the not so confident ones you can go out with them if you want to generally these are the not so harmful types but you never know so better be on guard in the initial few weeks

2,”hey this is my friend …” :introduction by some of your own friend these are the once who are like “man I like your friend can you get me an intro” and so the story unfolds a good way to approach…and after the introduction your introducing friend generally disappears 🙂 look for this sign to see if the guy is interested in you or not..carry along if you get interested 😉….ping… Message..: this seems to be the trend of times where Facebook what’s app etc seem to be the ice breaker …unknown ones …always keep your doubting cap on…known ones enquire about them( some if they come to know about you enquiring can confront you with “you should have asked me.dont you trust me,now things will spread etc) dump these guys immediately if they can’t understand your insecurity what will they understand you and your life…if they take it in good spirit …well you got a chance then 🙂

So now he has approached you now both are on talking terms… This is the most important part to identify where you are going with this…
If the guys msgs you occasionally a few good mornings a regular chat at times then it’s a good platform to develop into something
If one the other hand if the every other msg u see is his and constant calls and requests to meet …well desperation never ends with a happy ending 🙂
You met you had a great time and you never met again …happens but then take that as a lesson

As is true for girls same goes with guys…ie  what do they talk about …..talking more about you and less about him… Bad…..talking more about him and less about you ….bad again….talking about anything and having a good time ….good

Guy talking about how needy he is how depressed his life is telling all the sorrowful stories….bad
Guy glorifying himself , making you feel lucky bragging about himself … Bad
Guy giving you your time to share yourself and interested in what you say along with what he is saying … Good 

So you have met you are talking and now you decide to meet ..
Try and observe the guy from the moment you meet him…look at his clothes is he properly dressed or not his hair how has he arrived and when has he arrived …. A guy coming all messy well he is messy In his life to better avoid such one…guy neatly dressed offers a better perspective …arriving on time good arriving before and waiting for you (shows a bit of nervousness at tikes desperation or general thought of impressing a girl) be careful now matter how “sweet” the guy is…then the one arriving late and giving excuses well these aren’t the serious types have your food and zoom back home.

Now you have met and and you are about to have a good time….have a look at how much time he spends with his phone and how much his msg tone comes up…. The guy scoring high on this list isn’t the one you want to be with
If on the other hand the guy keeps his phone inside and concentrates only on you hmmm hmmm good going

Now after the meet if he insists on dropping you home but then also obliges to your rejection ….good sign
Guy saying good buy and buzzing off…bad one
Guy promising to meet you again ..genuine one

Also one thing you should note about is how much he is complimenting you your looks etc …too much of it ,u can guess what he wants right 😉

So if you can identify the Mr right in these situations then there won’t be much of a problem plus these are just a few of the many give always a guy gives when dealing with a girl
Any questions feel free to ask… 🙂



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