The Girl…..things you need to know about her


So in the days of quick love casual relationships and at times long lasting ones its difficult for guys (also for girls ) to decide weather the girl is interested in them or not. So here I’ll help you to identify a few of those points which can help you identify weather to go ahead or move past.

After you meet a girl there are generally two out comes 1st you continue to meet or be in touch or 2nd you meet greet and forget. So now if you get past this and you are meeting more than once then you definitely got a chance 🙂

So now let’s suppose you are meeting more than once and you are able to get her number. But naturally since you are interested in her you will want to call her always and be on the phone I would strong advice against this constant nagging unless of course it’s two ways. Now if the girl more often than not greets you in the morning its a good sign. If most of your “hi” are replied its another good sign.

You guys can msg each other for long hours…another good signal. When she talks the use of “hmmmm” “k” and “what else” is minimal then that’s a good sign.

So messaging done you move on to calling and talking …. Now this is the next step whereyou give rest to your thumb and start making use of your tongue. Now if you call and your call is answered by the answering machine more often than not …brother you need to move on the contrary if they are answered we move to the next stage…the manner in which they are answered, so if the answer is “hey sorry I am busy at the moment can I call you back” (now remember this excuse has n no of variables) so if you keep getting these and the long awaited call never comes dude you need to move on.
If on the other hand your calls are returned and are answered you need to focus on what the girl talks about.
So if the conversation is all about “you” and nothing about “her” or “us” you should take your lesson (you know what j mean right), on the positive side though if a girl opens up about herself and talks about “her” good sign my boy we are moving ahead 😉

Done messaging done talking on the phone its time for actual meet up.
So you decide to meet up for this weekend and have a lunch or say dinner together you can expect three kind of replies ;
1. O sure I would love to
2.I would have loved to but….
3.sorry I can’t make it but

Reply one and three are positive ones its reply no 2 you need to be cautious about …that’s one of the ways girls try to “not hurt the poor guy”, the one saying yes well is surely interested in you the one saying no but ready to make up to it is again to some extent is interested in you(but keep in mind things can go both ways in such a situation so be careful)

So you have managed to go on your ” date” and your lady love is there now this is the time you really need to concentrate on.
Giving the order if the girl says order what you want to and doesn’t express her choices …a sign to worry about
If you both agree on to something and place the order well you are up for a good time ahead 🙂
Now you have placed your order and you start to talk (now you should talk a silent date is a disaster) again keep your mind in place and see what the talks revolve around that should give you a better idea where you are heading…
Talks more concerned about others … Bro you are friend zoned
Talks more concerned about life and your takes on it and random issues….lucky you 😉
Talks surrounding job studies family and atmosphere ….you are going ahead 🙂
No talks and girl looking at her watch time and again…well just pay the bill and say good bye

So you are done with your date now what next three possible outcomes
1.she wants to spend more time with you and says let’s go somewhere
2.she says to meet up again and asks you to drop her home(actually you should make it a point that you insist on dropping her can gain more insight looking at how she reacts 😉 )
3.she says she needs to leave and waves past in a sec

I think you are now smart enough to know which two are favourable and which one spells doom 🙂

(There are just a few of the lessons in learning weather a girl is interested or not…if you have any question feel free to ask)



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    This sounds a little too familiar every time a guy asks me out.

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    1. Lol everyone says “men will be men” I wonder shouldn’t they also say “women will be women” 🙂

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      1. Ha! Nice thought. I guess people are only waiting for someone to actually say that before it gets accepted in society.


      2. True that Btw u r a woman may be u can write something about it.


      3. Maybe I will. 🙂


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    Hahahah this post is so wise!


    1. Hahaha thank you 🙂


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    Now you know

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