My lil kid brother…

My kid bro aint he adorable 😀

Tiny tiny he was then
He grew up well I dont know when
Chubby cheeks and dimple chin
He sure had those teeth within

Merry to round
And sweet is his sound
Happy go lucky
He’s my dear bucky

Loves to play the kidzee game
Never to happy when put to shame
Doesn’t know how to cry and when
Knows more tables am sure more than ten

Cute and honest and lovely and sweet
My little brother is the bestest you could meet
Always chirping and making his tweet
Pizzas and pastries is all he loves to eat

Dancing and joking make up his hobby
Always making laugh and never is sobby
He loves he books and also our doggy
He just cute and silly like oggy

My lil bro is my cutest dream
He is like a cherry on my yummy ice cream
Love him a lot and he does too
Hope he stays happy and laughs so too




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