The arrival of the beautiful season…


Standing at my window I stared down the road wondering when will this end
As I was about to turn I felt a cold breeze
When I turned around the scene just made me freeze
With it loud pomp and gong the clouds were marching on
The sun and its heat within a sec were gone
The rustling of the leaves made the sweetest of sound
My happiness in that moment just knew no bound
The sight of the birds , flying back to their home
Made my heart race with joy as the clouds covered the dome
And then started falling the first drops of rain
So soothing and fresh they took away all the pain
Their touch to the ground raised the freshest of the smell
The feel and joy of which no words could ever tell
The dropping drops from the leaves made beautified the landscape
And gripped the world with joy no one wished to escape
So the beautiful of the seasons had now made its way
I love the rain I love the rain is all I want to say
The thunder and the clouding can even give u chills
Make you experience the excitement and all the other thrills
Words are less to describe as to what I now feel
I wish the moment never goes and remains steady and still




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