Mumbai meri jaan..(Mumbai my life)


Buzzing streets in the morn and silence in the night
Some people get straight some get into fight
Everyone’s happy or they try to be alright
Mumbai’s my city and I live By its might

A wada pau (Indian Burger) for lunch or dinner at times
A posh bed for some and the footpath or low times
But each morning they wake with a ray of new hope
For the crazy life in Mumbai that all need to cope

Trendy is the youth and cranky some old one
We are relate to each other and alone is no one
Kaka(uncle) mama bhaiya(brother) and sometimes even Aai (mother)
Boss bro or dude and sometimes even tai(sister)
We make new relations wherever we go
Its the spirit of my mumbai in my veins which flow

The vendor selling fruits at a local store,a worker working around at some site for more
Everyone toils to meet the days end
And sleep with a smile and goodwill they send

Each day a million dreams arrive in my city
With new ray of hope and hardwork in their kitty
Struggle strive and win ,is all that people think
Be happy sad or disheartened at each other we wink

My city teaches me to love and be strong
To hope and strive for glory and struggle when things go wrong
It teaches us the meaning of live love and shaan(glory)
In the end I just say “ye hai Mumbai meri jaan”




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  1. Mumbai. My first and last love. 🙂 what they say is really true. Once you’ve lived in Mumbai, no other city in the world is good enough.

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    1. No doubt about that… Afterall “amchi Mumbai always rocks” 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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