My bed and me…

“Oh please dont go don’t leave me in such a mess”, my bed said as I was getting up
Babes mom is calling out its been quiet late, we had an awesome time but I need to go,I said
But you can stay for a while and take things slow,she replied

Its always so good to be over you,roll over you and relax with you,I said
Then why you leaving me you can take your time and go again,she said
I headed to its demands ” mom five more mins”,shouted I at the top of my voice
And went back to my bed again with a smile

I opened my eyes , it had been more than an hour
“See what you did now I’ll be screwed” I said to her
“But didn’t you enjoy the time you were here”, said she

With a smile again I brushed her aside
With a heavy heart I took my first stride
I didn’t want to leave but the whole day was ahead
There were things to do and go on instead
So I left my bed with a promise in my mind
I’ll be back to you tonight you just stay warm and kind




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