Short story….1. Traffic signal

He was in his car waiting for the traffic signal to open. It was important day for him he was tensed he was worried immersed in his thoughts he was anxiously looking at the red light to go green. Suddenly there was a thud on his window with a jerk he turned and saw a little girl making the most innocent of faces and holding out a bunch of roses to him…he couldn’t hold but lowered his window and the little one said,”sir would you be kind enough to buy these roses they are all freshly plucked please sir just rs.10 for two you can give it to someone special”, and she smiled again still looking in her innocent eyes he removed a 10 rs note and handed out to her ….the girl took it placed the roses in his hand and said,”have a good day sir”, and rushed away with joy to knock on another car ….by the time he was looking at her in his rearview mirror the signal opened and he pressed the accelerator and zoomed pass but now with a smile on his face.





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