Finding girl friend …

So after many not so successful relationships(read one sided ones) my friend finally decided that there is this girl whom he like very much …wait a min likes of he doesn’t love her ….so anyways he confronted us saying that guys I want to be with this girl and we were like hmmmm ok boy lets see what can be done…
Now my friend is a big time coward (well in case of chicks most guys are that way,but my friend can be the Alexander the great in this regard) so he must have had n no of crushes and girls must have had similar no on him but then he would just not approach….. So this valentines day we decided to hook him up.. Me and my other friend went to the nearest Archie’s gallery and brought a lovely card and a beautiful basket of home made chocolates ….now all we told our Mr romeo was that just give her these stuff and see  …after pleading him for 2 hrs he finally agreed (yeah as if we wanted to have a gf ) so he finally called up the girl and she came and he went and like a silly pizza delivery boy he handed over the items and came back ( I mean seriously who does that but then that’s my boy) ……
The girl went up stairs opened the package in front of another bunch of girls ( now thats what I called a match of idiots …. I mean who opens a valentines gift in a crowd ) so our Juliet opened the stuff saw the card and called up our romeo again …. Our romeo on the other hand didn’t even inform us and went to meet her….
The Juliet on meeting returned everything and our guy took it…well like a couriers guy who takes returned stuff and came back…. After we came to the room he was sitting there with all the stuff laid on the bed…
On enquiring we learnt the whole episode and to our astonishment our hero even told his Juliet that he didn’t Want to give the stuff but his friends ( yeah we the idiots) forced him to do so…

Now isn’t that something :p




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  1. Ha ha ha. Alexander the great. 😛 he kind of sounds like me. 😛

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    1. Lol no his is a more hopeless case :p

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      1. Ha ha ha. My best wishes to him. 😛


      2. I wonder if your best wishes will work :p

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ha ha ha. Yeah. After all they r my best wishes. 😛 still. I feel for him. Ha ha ha


      4. Yeah sailors of the same boat do understand each other I suppose :p lol

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      5. Ha ha ha. Yup. 😀

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