…I was there where he had called me,waiting thinking what could be the reason why has he called me today?what could be the reason? What does he have to say to me? Looking at the sea  watching each wave come and go I could feel as if my heart beat was In sinc with those waves…their sudden rise would give rise to another question another thought and as the wave subsided so did the thoughts I couldn’t understand what was happening to me…I guess I was overwhelmed with emotions my heart was racing……

Waiting for him I fell in the thoughts of Robin… The sweetest part of my life I could still remember the first time I had seen him…..
It was a regular day in ‘Paul’s’ the local cafe in the nice and buzzing neighbourhood of westerfield,the place where people would come to have their morning cup of tea where they would have their evening snack and most of all the best hangout place for people of the community be that a group of college students or of local couples or the elderly club everyone enjoyed their time at ‘Paul’s’. What was my connection to Paul’s well I was one of the waitresses there. I still remember the day I saw Robin I was kind of late at work was rushing past in hurry when I stumbled at the entrance door and fell… Damm these heels, one disadvantage of wearing them is if you trip you are sure to fall and my fate was sealed the moment k realized I had slipped I was on the floor. The thing about falling is you are not actually concerned weather you are hurt or not the first thought which occurs is who all are watching who is laughing is anyone pointing at me…same was my first reaction bewildered I was looking anxiously around and to my fear I saw what I was thinking the group of girls sitting around the corner were giggling keeping their hands on their face,a grumpy old man was mumbling something while sipping his coffee..feeling as embarrassed as I could I tried to turn my face away,but what I saw was Hmmmmm may be the best view I ever saw ……there he was sitting in the far right corner of the hall a young lad maybe in his mid 20s wearing blue denim jacket white jeans and a linkin park tee inside when I looked up at his face I didn’t see any laughter I couldn’t see any humor nor could I see him mumbling or giggling all I saw was his smile a smile as innocent as a child his fair cheeks glowing in the morning sun everything besides him seemed to have blurred his deep set blue eyes were hmmmm words seem to have fallen short for me to describe the view which I was seeing. And suddenly he rose from his place and started to walk towards me the moment I saw that as stunned I was my heart started racing I fell as if it’ is going to burst out of my chest…what is he up to …is he walking towards me …what does he want…while I was in all these thoughts he came near me and offered me his hand…”miss you need to get up before anyone else falls over you”…I was still looking at his face I think I had lost it for that moment I didn’t knew what to say and what to do I was just stating at him like silly….
I was brought back to my senses when he kept his palm over my shoulder..”Julia are you ok?” He must have read my name from my nameplate over my gown ..”huh yeah what oh I am so sorry….” Something like that I must have mumbled I don’t remember ….and then he held his hand out again this time I held it,they say that you need only one touch to know someone and connect to someone…I never believed such stuff but when I felt his touch I could feel the securing feeling which I had never felt before….was he the one? Was he the one whom I Am supposed to be with? I was in my thoughts when he said.”next time try to see the doorframe” he smiled and went out of the cafe..
Cristie came from the counter for my help but by the time she arrived my life had changed for ever…. “He the boss is asking for you since 8 where were you come on now hurry up” she said pulling my hand….but I was still trapped in those past few moments will I ever see him again ….will he ever hold me again…those were the thoughts in my head as Cristie dragged me towards the serving counter……

…..to be continued



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