The goods the mornings…

Well well well so another day and another beginning a new one a fresh one to have a new take on the old things to have a new perception of what’s going on and what we need to do. So let’s kick start the day with some enthusiasm happiness and faith …

The start ….

The sun has come up the birds are chirping there is freshness in the air so lets get going
There is newness in today there is a hope in the day there is love in the air so let’s get going

We know it’s gonna be hard we know its gonna be hot
But forgetting all that just let’s get going
Stopping in the path and worrying about things,it won’t help us in achieving anything
So focus on what’s right and not on what is wrong,take your leap of faith and let’s get going

Wish for a healthy life
Wish for a wonderful wife
Wish for a pleasant sleep
Wish for no secret to keep
Think of what all can be done and stop your crying
Its a new day today so come on let get going …..





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  1. sonniq says:

    Live each day like it could be the last one – with appreciation and a willingness to have a dream and go for it.

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    1. True ….after every sunset there is a sunrise we just have to pass through to night to reach there 🙂


  2. sonniq says:

    Reblogged this on Watch and Whirl and commented:
    . . . .If more people thought and acted like this we’d be a happier world!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s hope for the best… And happiness can spread like a wildfire let’s hope it does 🙂


  3. nagrij says:

    Sure, a better world. I’ll join you around noon though. Not all of us are morning people.


    1. Joining is important noon morning or evening that hardly matters 🙂 have a good day mate


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