“….today is the happiest day of my life,its been a rough one is still no better but today was the day I really saw the sunshine today was the day I really felt what happiness is today was the day when I really actually discovered what a true and beautiful smile looks like ….and the reason for all this happiness was he the one who held my hand in the most loving way one could hole the one who took me close in most caring way one could…. Robin … The guy who actually is like the robinhood of my life… There are no words which could describe what he means to me ….
And today today he proposed me proposed me the way no one could have ever done proposed me in a manner no one could ever emulate ….

I want to relive that moment I want to go back in time and be in his arms I want to go back and cuddle in him want to go back and see the love in his eyes..

I never imagined that someone would love me so much for I am no princess I have no riches I am just an orphan girl who lives alone works at a local cafe and sure am not the prettiest of them all…but I knew my God would be kind to me but be this generous I never imagined I just want to thank him want to thank him for all the happiness he has brought in my life through robin…thank you lord….”

The page rolled over and there was another story written over it…

“I always loved the sea always admired the beauty of it but I never imagined that the same sea will the witness for the most precious moment in my life.

In the morning I received a call from Robin just as usual the good morning was followed by a string of kisses which I had to interrupt else robin wouldn’t have stopped, when I asked him what’s the reason of so much love today he said,” meet me at the seashore at our regular place at 6″, on repeated asking of the reason why all I could hear was his giggles and silly laughter he gave a final kiss and kept the phone down saying ,”love you my pretty angel”, his words just were magical to me every time he said something a certain joy and happiness would surround me and the echo’s of those words would go on in my mind for the whole day keeping the smile intact in its place.

Our regular place it wasn’t anything special but just a small corner we had discovered on the seashore , in between two huge rocks there was this stretch of nice brown sand one where one could sit and spend his time watching the beauty of the shore without any one to disturb or distract you….

And so in the evening I went there…waiting for him….”

…..to be continued



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