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There she sat in the corner of her room right beside the window through with the Sundays were touching her cheeks…cheeks which were still moist from the tears which had flown all night long. Beside was her phone which was beeping and buzzing all this time..there was a scrap book pages of which were flipping due to the wind there were some torn pages from the book lying on the floor and in front of her was a photograph …the same photograph which she had held all night long in her palms and which was almost as wet as her cheeks due to the same countless tears which she had shed the last night.

Sitting there when she fell asleep she herself didn’t realize. Scattered around were the pages of her scrap book ,the same book which contained her life story where she had jotted down her every emotion her smallest of happiness and her worst of sorrows if anything was important to her was that book …on one of the pages was written…

“11th June 2014,

Today is the happiest day of my life….

……to be continued


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